As the global leader in yarn spinning and twisting, Fengshu specializes in Staple Spun Polyester Thread, Core Spun Thread and Performance Yarn, widely used in apparel, home textile, outdoor, aerospace etc. Founded in 1987, Fengshu persists in improving product quality, increasing productivity, and providing high quality products for customers through innovation, thereby contributing to the success of customers worldwide.

High Customization Ability 

Till the end of 2019, the production size is 200,000 spindles, while each workshop is able to produce multiple varieties so as to provide flexible customization, meeting customers’ various requirements. 

Continuous Optimization, Improvement and Innovation

Keep optimizing and improving production process and route. Continuously promote innovation and R&D ability thanks to Integration of E-U-R(enterprise-university-R&D). Explore new materials, technologies and products that meet market needs.

Digital Transformation

Promote the integration of the Internet and the manufacturing industry, use the ERP system to establish an order-oriented organizational structure, business processes and rules and regulations, build a rapid response order management platform and improve the rapid supply chain capabilities, shorten the order processing and lead time, and achieve quick response of production and supply.

Sustainable Commitment 

Continuously research and develop, and produce renewable products, optimize production processes, pay attention to people's feeling and development, protect the global environment, reduce energy consumption, and assume corporate social responsibility.

  • 30+


  • 30+

    Scale/thousand spindles

  • 31+

    Annual capacity / thousand tons



Started the construction of Fengshu Textile Technology Park which would intelligently upgrade the 9th workshop.


Achieved the Ezhou Mayor Quality Award; hosted the thread and belt standard validation meeting with the National Textile Standards Committee.


Technical transformation of new 8th workshop with a capacity of 200,000 spindles. Wuhan Fengshu Thread Co.,Ltd. was established.


Reached an industry-university-research cooperation with Wuhan Textile University, and established "Fengshu Research Center of Wuhan Textile University" and "College Student Internship Base of Wuhan Textile University".


Technical transformation of new 6th workshop with a capacity of 150,000 spindles.


Got the first foreign trade order through the Canton Fair.


Restructured to private enterprise, renamed to Hubei Fengshu Thread Manufacuring Co.,Ltd., with a capacity of 50,000 spindles.


Leased Ezhou Hemp Mill with a capacity of 30,000 spindles.


Established the joint venture Huayao Thread Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and transformed from cotton spinning to polyester sewing thread with a capacity of 10,000 spindles.


Established the cotton mill with a capacity of 3,500 spindles.



Global Recycled Standard Certificate

Global Recycled Standard Certificate

Quality Management System Certificate

Quality Management System Certificate

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

Environmental Management System Certificate

Environmental Management System Certificate