Fengshu attended in 125th Canton Fair with new products

2019-05-07 33 Font size    


On May 1, the 125th Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou, and buyers from 213 countries and regions attended the exhibition. The Canton Fair is known as the "barometer" and "wind vane" of China's foreign trade. As the "exhibition star" in the previous Canton Fair and the outstanding enterprises in the field of spinning and twisting, Fengshu regarded the Canton Fair as an important international market. 


In addition to exhibiting staple spun polyester sewing thread, poly-poly core thread, meta-aramid 1313, Fengshu also exhibited staple spun polyester coarse count multi-thread, recycled staple spun polyester thread, and cotton poly core thread, providing customers with more choices. At the booth, merchants from all over the world showed great interest in the products of Fengshu.

Fengshu attaches the importance to R&D and constantly seeks solutions to meet the needs of customers. The staple spun polyester coarse count multi-thread has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability, and can be applied to conveyor belts, industrial packaging bags, etc. Another new product reclaimed recycled staple spun polyester thread is a green product developed by Fengshu in line with the concept of sustainable development. This product adopts GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified polyester fiber, and its product technology is excellent. The quality is reliable, and the raw materials of each batch can be traced. The cotton-poly core thread that can be used on high-speed sewing machines, while its excellent moisture absorption and high-temperature ironing properties are also popular among customers. These three new products have received special attention as soon as they are unveiled, attracting many domestic and foreign buyers to consult, so that the promotion of new products has a good start. 

As an outstanding company in the field of spinning and twisting, the participation in the Canton Fair is not only to further consolidate the traditional product market, but also to promote new products, explore emerging markets, achieve higher quality export market diversification, and satisfy customers’ demands.