Annual travel to Chongqing

2019-10-11 46 Font size    

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees and strengthen the building of cohesiveness, the annual tourism of Fengshu was held as scheduled successfully

In September, Fengshu organized a four-day trip to Chongqing. The scenic spots include the natural scenery of Chongqing Mountain City and the historical and cultural attractions of the city. Under the guidance of the tour guides, we have appreciated the majestic Wulong Tiankeng, and memorized the long-lasting martyrs group in Zhazidong and Baigongguan. taking a boat tour of the most beautiful scenery of the traditional architectural features of the Bayu, the Chongqing street scene of the last century, close to the ancient and modern characteristics of Chongqing Mountain City.

 After the four days’ tour, the staff of Fengshu not only released themselves but also built up more connections with colleagues and cultivated more tacit understanding and teamwork. The significance of the group building is not limited to the eyes-opening of the scenic, but also the process. Let the staff of Fengshu open their hearts, temporarily put aside the pressure of work, show interesting self, and enhance Cohesion and teamwork spirit to strengthen employees' sense of belonging to the company.第一批合照2.png